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1. Preservation, protection and promotion of the cultural heritage of Latin American countries

Registration, description and compilation of information on theatre architecture in a database to be widely accessible is a prerequisite for achieving this goal, and the creation of a portal for the Latin American Theatre Architecture on the web.

2. Presentation of the Latin American cultural heritage

in an attractive and varied manner through books, exhibitions, symposiums, presentations, architecture workshops and conferences in the participating countries as well as the participation in Congresses and Conferences both nationally and internationally. In all of these, current technologies, like CD / DVD ROM, Internet and databases will be used.

3. Creation of a system highly professional and technical for the recording and the presentation of theatre buildings and performing spaces

The project counts on the cooperation of Latin American and European experts in the field of theatre architecture and a highly qualified personnel for its realization.To this end an electronic file (database) of Latin American Theatre Architecture / Virtual Museum will be created.

4. Establishment and consolidation of permanent ties between professionals of the performing arts in Latin America

Promotion of partnerships and exchanges between universities and local professional organizations involved in the Performing Arts. Network construction of relationship between architects, professors of theatre schools and the performing arts, professionals and theatre staffs in Latin America.

5. Support for artists

which will be able to access the database with technical information of the theatrical spaces, which will make it easy to find an adequate space for your artistic presentations. The database will include a large number of theatrical spaces. Consulting this database may be usefull for a large number of theatre and performing arts professionals.

6. Exchange of experience

All the activities planned by this project may be used by specialists in the area, as well as by the schools of Art and of Performing Arts. Contributing, in this way, to increase the awareness of all in relation to the Latin American heritage. The project also provides training and workshops on theatre architecture for Latin American professionals, aiming to prepare them for work in this field, as well as to sensitize them to the different approaches and possible solutions practiced in other countries.

7. Support communication between artists and professionals of the performing arts in Latin America

The project will be implemented as an international team and will work in order that established contacts will also promote further cooperation.