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The Research

The research is divided in two parts, which will be carried out simultaneously: the historical research and the research of theatre architecture in Latin America.

Part I. Historical Research

1. Pre-theatrical manifestations in pre-colonial Latin America (until 1492, Brazil 1500).

2. Development of Latin American theatre in the Colonial period (XVI-XVIII c.) with particular emphasis on the influence of the theatre and performance spaces of Spain and Portugal in the XVI to XVIII centuries in the development of theatre and performance spaces in Latin America.

3. The development of the theatre after independence (XIX, XX c.).

Part II Research of theatre architecture in Latin America

1. Theatrical spaces or theatrical buildings that no longer exist, but had historical or architectural significance.

2. Theatrical buildings that have been designed from the model of scenic Italian box.

3. Theatrical spaces projects that propose other spatial settings with innovative architectural design or the design of projects that present any singularity.

4. Singular theatrical spaces: by their history or their strength, permanence or by their relationship with its surroundings and with the city.