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The national teams


Dr. Marcelo Jaureguiberry

National Coordinator

Architect, Scenographer, Theatre Director, Producer, Doctor in Spanish Philology, mention Theatre, University of Valencia, Spain.

Bachelor in Theatre, National University of Central Buenos Aires, UNICEN Senior Lecturer in Senography and Practice of Theatre III (production and theater director), Faculty of Arts, UNICEN.

Lecturer and Coordinator of the Master in Theatre, mention Scenic Design, Faculty of Arts, UNICEN Director of the Institute of Studies in Performing Arts and Audiovisual (INDEES), UNICEN.

Carlos Di Pasquo

Theatre Architecture Research Coordinator

Architect and Scenographer
Lecturer on Scenography for Cinema and Television and on Scenography and Costume Faculty of Design and Communication University of Palermo, Buenos Aires

Mg. María Guadalupe Suasnábar

Historical Research Coordinator

Professor of History, UNCPBA.
Head of Practical Assignments in the Department of Art History of the Faculty of Arts, Graduate Assistant Professor of Cultural History of Latin America and Argentina in the Faculty of Human Sciences UNCPBA.


BA Lucrecia Etchecoin - BA Carlos Lopez D'Abate - Prof. Pilar Jaureguiberry - Esc. Merlina García Brunelli.

Technical Team

RIAA Yanina Jensen – RIAA Matías Petrini.


Aby Cohen

OISTAT Vice President

Designer and art director for theatre, exhibition and cinema PhD in Arts / Performance and Theatre, Escola de Comunicação da Universidade de São Paulo, ECA / USP

Lecturer for a M.A. Scenography program at the University of Fine Arts, FBA, Sao Paulo
Curator and designer for Brazilian National Exhibition at PQ'11
PQ'15 International Commissioner / Curator

Doris Rollemberg Cruz

National Coordinator

Architect and Scenographer
Lecturer in the Department of Scenography
Centre of letters and Arts, CLA, School of Theatre, Department of Scenography Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro, UNIRIO


Claudia Suarez

National Coordinator

Scenographer formed at the University of Chile and doctoral student in Theatrical Research Studies at the Doctoral School ED-267 Arts & Media at the University Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle. For over 10 years she has worked in the areas of theatre, film and television for theatres and national channels. Lecturer of the careers of Theatre and Film at the Catholic University of Chile, Valparaiso University and the University of Playa Ancha in Valparaiso. Dedicated in recent years to the research on the creative processes of Latin American and European scenographers and to the possible redefinition of their role. She has participated in Festivals, Exhibitions and International Congresses around scenography such us the last three editions in 2007, 2011 and 2015 of the Prague Quadriennial of Performance Design and Space (Czech Republic), World Stage Design WSD2013 organized by the OISTAT in Cardiff and the Qu’est-ce Scénographue? International Colloquium organized ENSAD in 2011 in Paris.

In 2016 she presented at the International Symposium ‘Transformations of the Quadrennial since 1999’, organized by the Prague Quadrennial (Czech Rep.), at the Study day ‘Scénographies d’Aujourd’hui’, organized by the University Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3, (Paris) and at the International Conference on Theatrical Architecture ‘Sevilla 16’, organized by the Association Oistat Spain. Member of the Association OISTAT Spain and Coordinator of Latin America of the Theatres of Latin America project.

Ignacio Covarrubias

Architect, Scenographer
Deputy Director Department of Theatre, Director of Physical Plant, Faculty of Arts, University of Chile.
Scenography Professor at the Department of Theatre, Faculty of Arts, University of Chile.

Rocío Troc

Scenographer, Master of Performing Arts, UC Louvain (Belgium).
Coordinator of the Career of Theatre Design, Department of Theatre at the University of Chile.
Scenographer Professor at the Department of Theatre of University of Chile.

Giulio Ferretto

Theatre Director, Master in Theatre Direction University of Chile, Master in Advanced Hispanic Studies (Theatre) University of Valencia, Spain and Theatrical Studies Doctoral Candidate at the University of Valencia, Spain.

Director of the Department of Performing Arts, Faculty of Art, University of Playa Ancha, UPLA, Valparaíso.

Véronica Sentis

Doctor in Spanish Philology (Theatre), University of Valencia, Spain.
Director of the Hall of Performing Arts, University of Playa Ancha, UPLA, Valparaíso.
Doctor Coordinator of Research, Faculty of Art, University of Playa Ancha, UPLA, Valparaíso.


Carlos Schmidt F.

Regional Coordinator

Architect, Designer, Producer
Director of the Documentation and Archive Centre in Performing Arts- Scenic Memory
Foundation Tsaku Na Escenica.


Óscar Armando García

National Coordinator

Doctor in Art History, Autonomous University of Mexico, UNAM,
Master in History from the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium
Bachelor of Dramatic Literature and Theater at UNAM.
Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of UNAM and postgraduate degrees in Literature and Art History at the same university;
Coordinator of the College of Drama Literature and Theatre of the Faculty of Arts at the Autonomous University of Mexico, UNAM..


Mag. Daniela Bouret Vespa

National Coordinator

Lic. en Historia con Maestría en Historia del Uruguay.
Directora Teatro Solís, Montevideo

José Miguel Onaindia

National Coordinator

Chief coordinator
National Institute of Performing Arts, INAE

Marcelo Sienra

Cultural manager - Ay. Architect - Museology (ongoing).
CIDDAE manager / Teatro Solis
Center for Research, Documentation and Dissemination of the Performing Arts Teatro Solis, CIDDAE

Gustavo Robaina

Center for Research, Documentation and Dissemination of the Performing Arts Teatro Solis, CIDDAE

Gonzalo Vicci

Researcher of Fine Arts
Institute School of Fine Arts


José Manuel Castanheira

National Coordinator

Architect, Scenographer, Painter
Scenography doctorate in the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon, where he teaches since 1982 and also at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon

President of APCEN, Associação Portuguesa de Cenografia (2012-2016)

Dr. José Carlos Alvarez

Director of the National Museum of Theatre and Dance


José Luis Ferrera

Architect, Researcher, Author.
Association OISTAT Spain President
Project Manager The Theatres of Latin America

Juan Ruesga

National Coordinator

Architect and Scenographer.
Professor of the MASTER OF ARTS OF THE LIVE SHOW, University of Seville,
Professor of the MASTER OF ADVANCED STUDIES OF THEATRE, International University of La Rioja.
Vice-Presidente of the Asociación OISTAT España.